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The Aurora Backcountry Pass. The Powder Punch Card of the Sea to Sky


A Covid pivot that created a completely new, affordable way of connecting backcountry enthusiasts with an ACMG Ski Guide

In April of 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic shut the world down which impacted us all in ways we never thought possible.

Aurora Backcountry's original business model was primarily international bucket list trips to areas like Japan, Norway, and New Zealand. With the world completely shut it seemed like we might become another unfortunate statistic; one of the thousands of businesses that would shut down for good.

COVID essentially eliminated our entire market and Aurora Backcountry had to cease international operations. Running a small business is challenging in any climate, but with a company reliant on tourism and travel, the onset of the pandemic felt particularly daunting.

We had to invest our limited resources to pivot and adapt to the new normal in order to survive. Fortunately, an idea, a risky one, would not only save our business but would help stitch back together a community of Guides that had all lost their jobs and income due to other companies just giving up.

The Aurora Backcountry Pass was born. The first ever season pass for the backcountry. A completely new, affordable way of connecting backcountry enthusiasts with a ACMG Ski Guide. The pass streamlines the logistics and economy into a season pass plan.  Additionally, the Aurora Backcountry Pass also acts as a community platform via the app to help connect passholders with guides and other passholders.

Our mission at The Aurora Backcountry Pass is to provide our passholders with the most convenient, affordable, and flexible product that saves time, money, and provides an opportunity to receive mentorship designed for intermediate to advanced tourers.


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