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Pass Cancellation Policy

Welcome, please pay special attention and read all the terms & conditions, and cancellation policy below before purchasing your Aurora Backcountry Pass. Thanks!

Please read these terms and conditions (“Terms”) carefully. These Terms (in their entirety) constitute a binding agreement between you and 1567235 Alberta Ltd, doing business as Aurora Backcountry Pass, including its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Aurora Backcountry”, “we” or “us”). By purchasing an Aurora Backcountry Pass or other service, including trip upgrades and Private Guiding Services, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms.



  1. Guide Operations. Aurora Backcountry has the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to operate its guiding program in the manner it deems appropriate in its sole and exclusive judgment. Aurora Backcountry’s right to operate in the manner it deems appropriate includes, but is not limited to, the right to modify or cancel any program or service without reason or notice. AURORA BACKCOUNTRY GUIDES RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY DAY AT ANY TIME IF THE GUIDE DEEMS THE RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH IS TOO GREAT TO MANAGE. This can happen at any time during the day or even the morning of the trip. Aurora Backcountry does not take responsibility of any expenses the guest may have incurred before or after the cancellation. 

  2. No Guarantee. AURORA BACKCOUNTRY DOES NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEES WITH RESPECT TO ITS AURORA BACKCOUNTRY PASSES OR OTHER SERVICES. For example, your purchase of any Aurora Backcountry Pass, Guiding Service, or Trip Package does not guarantee:

    • Full use of all the days available to you from the Sea to Sky Pass, the Recreationalist Pass, the Enthusiast Pass, or the Full Season Pass. It is up to you, the passholder, to manage your bookings, your time, and your cancellations. There is no refunds to any customers showing late or not showing at all;

    • Any particular guest experience or your satisfaction with your guest experience at or with any Trip Location, Service, or Guided Trip; or  

    • Your ability to book any number of days or minimum number of days for the Aurora Backcountry Pass product. Your admission to any trip, or package, is subject to, among other things, capacity constraints based on guest to guide ratio and minimum number of guests required to operate.

    • WE DO NOT GUARANTEE A PASSHOLDER TO USE ALL THE DAYS ON THEIR PASS. We have said this multiple times within this section so that you, the passholder, understand completely that it is your responsibility to use all your days between December 1st – April 30th. This is over 150 days to use 4, 8, 12, or 16 days depending on the pass you chose to purchase.

  3. Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks, and Indemnity Agreement. If you purchase an Aurora Backcountry Pass or any other product or service, you agree to sign and be bound by the Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement. If you do not sign and accept the Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement, your Aurora Backcountry Pass, Trip, or Service will not be valid and you will not be able to use your Aurora Backcountry Pass or attend any guided trip. You will not be eligible for a refund based on any failure or refusal to sign the Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement.

  4. Participation Agreement. At the time of your purchase, you will be required to carefully read, agree, and sign, the Aurora Backcountry Pass Participation Agreement. If you do not agree to the participation agreement then you will not be allowed to participate in the Aurora Backcountry Pass program.

  5. Cancellation Policy. The Aurora Backcountry Pass is strict enforcing its cancelation policy. This is meant to protect all passholders and the company. Please read the following carefully.

    • Aurora Backcountry Passes.  All Aurora Backcountry Passes including but not limited to, The Sea to Sky Pass, The Recreational Pass, The Enthusiast Pass, and The Full Season Pass, are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. You have a 7-day grace period from the date you make your purchase to receive a full refund. After 7-days from your purchase date has passed, all purchases become NON-REFUNDABLE.

    • Aurora Backcountry Day Passes. The day pass product is completely refundable if the purchased Day Pass has not been used within the season it was purchased. If a customer purchases a day pass and, fails to show, is late, or fails to cancel within the Aurora Backcountry Pass cancellation policy, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

    • Private Guiding. There is NO REFUND for cancellations made within 48 hours before the trip start date. If a booking is made less than 48 hours before the trip start all sales are final with NO REFUND. If Aurora Backcountry cancels for any reason a full refund will be issued.





  6. There are 5 Aurora Backcountry Pass products all valid from December 1st to April 30th

    • The Aurora Backcountry Sea to Sky Pass gives pass holders 4 regular scheduled trips

    • The Aurora Backcountry Recreational Pass gives pass holders 8 regular scheduled trips

    • The Aurora Backcountry Enthusiast Pass gives pass holders 12 regular scheduled trip

    • The Aurora Backcountry Full Season Pass gives pass holders 16 regular scheduled trips

    • The Aurora Backcountry Day pass is Valid from the date of purchase to April 30th. It is only valid for 1 day and for Guiding Service only

  7. Use 1 Day to bring a Friend*. Valid only for the 2025 Enthusiast and Full Season Pass. One time opportunity to use 1 day off an Aurora Backcountry Pass to give to a friend. This Friend CAN NOT be a current Aurora Backcountry Passholder. This Friend is required to download the app, create a profile, fill out the Participation Agreement, and Sign a Waiver. They will also need to book the trip that they will be attending with their sponsor Aurora Backcountry Passholder.

  8. Half of all unused days transfer to next season*. This benefit is ONLY VALID FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED A 2025 FULL SEASON PASS. It is not available to The Sea to Sky Pass, the Recreationalist Pass, or the Enthusiast Pass. This benefit allows for 50% of the unused days from a season to be ADDED to NEXT SEASON'S Aurora Pass. Passholders are required to BUY a Sea to Sky Pass, a Recreationalist Pass, an Enthusiast Pass, or a Full Season Pass in order for their days to be transferred and added. 

  9. Minimum and maximum attendances. A minimum of 3 people is required to be signed up for a trip in order for the trip to run. If less than 3 have signed up, Aurora Backcountry will cancel the day and the 1 or 2 guests that signed up will receive their day back on their pass. If a group of 1 or 2 guests wish, they may pay for a private guide upgrade of 200$ total to approve the trip. A maximum of 6 guests are allowed under the supervision of 1 Guide. If there are not enough guides to satisfy the number of guests then all guests after the first 6 to join will be canceled and refunded 1 day.



  12. Acts of God. If the season is cancelled for any catastrophic reason NO REFUNDS will be issued. Examples of catastrophic reasons a season or a day could be cancelled include, but are not limited to: Lack of snow, Government Lockdowns, Backcountry Closures, War, Highway 99 road closures, Terrorism, Covid-19 or any Pandemic, Earthquake, Meteor Strike, or any natural disaster, etc

  13. This pass is valid for GUIDING SERVICE ONLY. All transportation costs associated with personal vehicles, helicopters, snowmobiles, snow cat, etc are the responsibility of the individual and/or group. Lift tickets when required will be the responsibility of the individual to acquire.

  14. Avalanche Safety Training requirement. All Guests will be required to complete a basic Avalanche Safety Briefing occurring the first week of December. If an individual cannot attend this briefing, then they will be required to have a one-on-one briefing with their Guide before their first trip.

  15. Upgrade Trips. Upgrade Trips are defined as ANY trip that requires additional payment plus the use of a day from your Aurora Backcountry Pass. All upgrade trips CAN NOT BE CANCELLED AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE once booked and paid for. Example upgrade trips are: Overnights, Road Trips, Heli Assist, Sled Access etc.

  16. Heli Assist Ski Touring. To secure your Heli Assist Ski Touring Upgrade you must pay in full the amount owed for the day. HELI ASSISTED SKI TOURING CAN NOT BE CANCELLED AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless Aurora Backcountry cancels the day in which a full refund or credit will be issued. Failure to properly secure your place may result in you forfeiting your space to another pass holder unless Aurora Backcountry cancels the day in which a full refund or credit will be issued.

  17. All Passholders must have the appropriate equipment. Lack of proper equipment does not warrant last minute cancellations or refunds. There will be NO REFUND or CANCELLATION CREDIT due to you showing up with inappropriate, defective, or lack of required equipment. It is your responsibility as a passholders to have available all equipment listed on the equipment list. This equipment list is available on the Aurora Backcountry App in member services and on the website here:

  18. CREDITS, and DISCOUNT CODES. Credits can be achieved as a benefit to purchasing your 2024 Aurora Backcountry Pass early before the end of November. Discount Codes can be redeemed from points earned by taking part in our Loyalty Point Program. Credits and Discounts can be used towards upgrade trips. Here are the conditions:

    • Credits have NO CASH VALUE

    • Both Discount Codes and Credits can only be used towards Aurora Backcountry Pass Program trip upgrades

    • They CAN NOT be used for Trips

    • If you do not use your credit you lose your credit

    • Credits CAN NOT be transferred to other pass holders

    • Credits are only good for the season they were earned; They are NOT transferable to the next season.

    • The credit program will be phased out starting for the 2025 Pass Sale season and replaced with a more comprehensive Loyalty Point Program


If you have any questions regarding these Terms, please visit our FAQ section, or email us at Please put "Terms and Conditions" in the subject line. 

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