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Maximizing Your Aurora Backcountry Pass: 11 Essential Tips For Backcountry Skiing

Unlock the full potential of your Aurora Backcountry Pass with these 11 expert tips. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced skier or splitboarder, these strategies will help you make the most of your investment and enjoy an incredible backcountry skiing season.

1. Choose the Right Pass for Your Lifestyle

There are various passes available, such as Day Pass, Sea to Sky Pass, Recreationalist, Enthusiast, and Season Pass. Make sure to read through all the benefits and choose the pass that suits your needs. Also, review the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy, as some passes offer more flexibility and benefits than others. Don’t over-buy or choose the wrong pass and end up not getting value out of it. If you’re unsure of your commitment, a Day Pass might be more suitable. If you can commit to an entire season and ski every weekend, a Season Pass might be ideal. It's crucial to choose the right pass because there are no refunds after purchase, except for Day Passes.

The Ultimate Backcountry Ski Pass

2. Buy Accidental Injury Insurance

An ACMG Ski Guide packaging his injured guest using an Alpine Threadworks Rescue Toboggan
We hope you never get this look from your Guide.

Protect yourself from any injuries during the season by purchasing accidental injury insurance for just $50. It’s a small investment for peace of mind and protects your purchase.

3. Complete Your Profile

Fill out your participation agreement to let us know your capabilities. This helps guides plan suitable trips for you. Also, include a nice photo so other members can recognize you.

Who Is Eric D? MSA

4. Request and Use Your Discount Codes Early

Get your equipment early while suppliers have stock. Request your discount codes as soon as possible since many expire by April or March. Using these discounts can make your pass essentially free. Currently our pass partners are: The North Face, G3 Equipment, Dissent Labs Socks, Intuition Liners, 4Frnt Skis, and Blue Bird: Coffee, Tuning and Rentals

5. Refer Your Friends

Earn points with our Referral Program. You’ll get a thousand points for each referral who buys a pass. Accumulate ten thousand points for a free pass or use points for discounts on upgrades like heli drops and overnights.

6. Sign Up for the Free Avalanche Safety Day

Join the free avalanche safety day in the first week of December. It’s on the calendar now and offers invaluable safety reviews, rescue practice, and networking opportunities. Plus, it doesn’t take any days off your pass, and you can bring a friend.

7. Book Your Days Early and in Advance

Ensure your spot and help guides plan better trips by booking early. It also shows other pass holders that there’s interest, which can encourage them to sign up too. Early booking benefits everyone. Check Out Our Schedule Here!

8. Be Active on the Forum

Engage with the community on the forum. Ask questions, organize trips, and share advice. The more active you are, the more engagement you’ll receive. Guides are also active on the forum, so it’s a great way to stay informed. Go to Base Camp!

9. Take Advantage of the Aurora Backcountry Ski Shuttle

Save on gas and simplify your day by using the Aurora Backcountry van. It’s especially useful for trips to the Duffy or on days with bad road conditions. Check the forum for van schedules and availability. Sometime there are cold presents waiting for you in the back.... not Fireball, thats just a handy box 😆

The Aurora Van welcoming you back with some cold beers
Après Anyone?

10. Redeem Your Points In Our Loyalty Program

Utilize the loyalty and reward programs. The more points you earn, the higher your tier and the better discounts you get. Over time, you can earn enough points for a free pass. Keep track and redeem your points regularly.

Buy Your Aurora Backcountry Pass in April and get 10% off
April 10% Off Opportunity

11. Buy Your Pass Early

The Aurora Backcountry Pass program has very small margins, so discounts on the passes are uncommon. However, we do offer discounts for those who buy their pass in April. Early purchases help us plan for the next year, organize guides, and schedule more complex trips. Buying early benefits both you and us.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure you get the most out of your Aurora Backcountry Pass. Engage with the community, plan ahead, and take full advantage of all the benefits and resources available.


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